Prana Talisman


“Prana is a real and very powerful, authentic magical talisman of ancient origin to help you achieve all your goals.

The talisman comes complete with its small, illustrated and easy to follow, 12 page booklet of instructions and background information which will start you changing your life within an hour.

Can be used as a keyring or luggage tag with the fastener supplied, or as a pendant if threaded onto a cord or chain.

A talisman for easily and positively affecting the course of your life. A powerful disk talisman in pewter, based upon the elements, the 'Breath of Life and the four Archangels' and bearing the essential sigils, (magically intoned symbols) in true Cabalistic tradition, representing the five Elements and the Four Archangels.

Comes on a strong trigger clip and in a purple satin pouch, and is complete with a simple, postcard-sized, 12 page booklet of instructions and information.”

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